Friday, February 02, 2007

Still Grown Up, but That's Not All

No, you're not hallucinating - the blog has a new look.

Being completely anal, as I am, I had to change the blog title to match the URL. Because I am weird. And maybe not as grown up as I should be touting.

So, friends - if you've linked to me and called the blog "All Grown Up," please adjust your television sets to "Wife. Mother. Ninja," or something similar.


aughra said...

Okay, fine, I'll try to get around to it. If I'm not too busy violently vomiting from my anxiety over this move and my father's mood swings.

Miss you.

indygirl said...

I like!

Anonymous said...

It's -8 here!
I added you to my blog.
And now people can see the wonder that is you! ;)

Love ya.

RILAH said...

it'sa nice. i'ma jealous of it's cleanliness. i'ma bloga talkin' in italian-a. ( but not like realy life, cuz i would never make fun of italian people just for being italian - it's really the chef in lady and the tramp that i'm making fun of. the one that gives them the spaghetti and meatballs?) oh dear.

anyways. i like it.

(and you, too. thank god i have you as gigi)

RILAH said...

oh, does psa stand for public service announcement?

Stacey said...

I'm on it. And I think I might have already said it before, but I love the new look. Great picture of you!

Two Cents said...

Looks great - although I have no clue what it was like before!

Currently experiencing a similar issue, only on a smaller scale (only one or two other bloggers linked me).

Off to read the rest of your stuff!