Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Overheard between my daughters at the dinner table:

"Excuse me."

"For what? What'd you do?"

"I farted."

"You did?"

"Three times."


indygirl said...

That's quite a roll!

Timmy said...

three in a row! that is totally note worthy!

aughra said...

Gus started a new thing - farting into the shower. He lets em rip as he's walking in. He also does it while exited a room. Man talent, you know?

Miss you, off to hang blinds.

RILAH said...

i am so lucky to have zoƫ. i can seriously blame her everytime. and if i'm feeling really naughty, i blame dr. daddy and then he blames her. it's better than a dog, i swear.