Monday, February 12, 2007

The Best Things

I had an excellent weekend, and it's been a while since I could say that.

  • Went to Talbott Street to see the Crüxshadows on Friday night. Nothing says "gay bar" like "goth band." Or is it the other way around? Either way, the show was fun (even if it was in a teeny space), and the occasional drag queen walking through made the night even more fabulous.

  • Slept in on Saturday. Bought a black dress with little pink polka-dots. Worked, briefly. Went home, got all sexified (aforementioned dress, stockings, heels, fucking hot pink lipstick). Manny and I went out for Valentine's Day dinner at Grazie. After dinner, we went home to cozy up and watch Where the Truth Lies, which was seriously awesome. I also discovered one of the best things in life: leaving the house to get Starbucks all whilst wearing pajamas and slippers and never actually going outside into the cold.
  • Sunday, we got up early to have breakfast at the Uptown and watch the Arsenal vs. Wigan soccer match. Manny's developing his fandom for UK Football, and since I have a touch of the Anglophilia myself, I'll gladly go along. After that, we came home and I was hit with cleaning fever. I spent the rest of the day cleaning out the hall closet and garage, which was no small undertaking. I love the feeling of accomplishment.

    gusgreeper said...

    dude, i have the shoes that were made for that dress!!!
    glad you had a great weekend :)

    Timmy said...

    umm, VD isn't until WD.

    RILAH said...

    if i remember correctly, corinna's shoes that were made for the dress was a valentines present from adam.

    he knows how to buy the shoes she wants.

    we never celerate valentine's...maybe we should start...

    taylor said...

    hhaappyy mmoonnddaayy,, lluuvv..