Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sinking the Unsinkable

Molly Ivins
The eloquent, articulate, fiery, and overall amazing political columnist Molly Ivins lost her fight with breast cancer today.

I loved reading Molly's articles and agreed with her on nearly everything she wrote. She was passionate and intelligent and saw through all the bullshit. Her articles always stirred me, and by the time I'd finish reading one, I'd want to jump out of my seat, throw my fists in the air, and shout out loud, "YEAH!"

I'm going to miss her.

A fitting tribute to her can be found here.

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Jodes said...

that was nice of you to post that...sometimes we all need a little reminder of the great people out there and when they are gone they need to be remembered...did that make sense???? ha ha, I am up late...Indiana huh, lived there for 6 years, left in 2005...South Bend. Go IRISH!!!