Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Michael Landon


The recipe for quite possibly the most delicious late-night snack of all time, as requested by the lovely Stacey:

  • crumbled caramel rice cake pieces, microwaved for exactly 12 seconds
  • scoop of Breyer's natural vanilla ice cream
  • drizzle honey over ice cream/rice cake pieces
  • sprinkle cinnamon-sugar mixture over everything

    I swear to you it will not disappoint. But don't eat too much or your head will explode.

    (note: the name "Michael Landon" has nothing to do with Little House on the Prairie, but serves rather as a retort to the "Robert Redford" dessert)

    UPDATE: Rilah requested to know more about the Robert Redford dessert, so here is a link. I forgot that this particular dish is pretty much a Midwest-US thing!


    Stacey said...

    Oh my. I could eat a BUCKET of that. But I won't. MMMM...thanks!

    RILAH said...

    ha, you know you should be a drama writer - that was an excellent cliff-hanger...now i want to know what the robert redford is!

    ads510 said...

    i like to think that its called the michael landon because it puts you on the highway to heaven...