Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Best List

As some of you know, there is one thing I have a true passion for collecting: found scraps of paper - particularly shopping lists. I love and keep them all. This may be my favorite, though. Just in case you can't decipher the handwriting through the scratches, it reads:

I picture someone's smoky, hardassed old grandpappy scrawling this list and tucking it in the pocket of his thin, plaid cotton shirt with the shiny snap-buttons before he drove his rusty (but trusty) Ford pickup to the store.


indygirl said...

Definately going to have to make sure that the Polygrip is doing its job before chewing on peanuts.

RILAH said...

aw. that is our shopping list, minus the polygrip...but would have been my shopping list whilst living with father.

i am white trash

aughra said...

Awh, those shirts! Those shirts remind me of all of my trashy, hardworking, hard drinking German-American relatives.


The midwest is the best!

Timmy said...

stay out of my effin trash, Gigi. DAMMIT.

Anonymous said...

That is the oddest hobby I have ever heard of to date. However, my life is still young!

Stacey said...

I think that is my mother-in-law's handwriting. Seriously.

Oh, wait. She would have written 'vodka', not 'beer'. Nevermind.