Friday, December 29, 2006

Up Against the Wall

It's an end-of-the-year-meme quickie. There will be a more comprehensive end-of-the-year post this weekend, so check back, will ya?

r e s o l v e
In the new year...
1. One person you want to reconnect with:
My high school friend "German" Jenny Gerull.
2. Two places you want to go:
NYC and Vancouver.
3. Three habits you want to change:
Biting my cuticles, shopping compulsively, starting books without finishing them.
4. Four skills you hope to learn:
Sewing, effectively controlling my anger/bad moods without chemicals, gardening, how to play Scrabble.
5. Five goals you would like to achieve:
I would like to organize my finances and house, cook new things, start my "journal of lists," make more collages, and find alternative plans for Christmas.


Timmy said...

hey baby! HAppy New YEAR!

LOve ya!

indygirl said...

Christmas is out like 2004's pink clothing craze.

RILAH said...

seriously, you want a journal of lists? that's like, my ultimate non-self-improvement goal! i REALLYREALLYREALLY love lists.

i thought i was the only one - but it just further reinforced my love for ya!

germanjenny said...

hey crazy.. then reconnect with me :)) its german jenny! I dont have your mailing adress anymore.. u can find me on, well u need to reinforce ur german skills for that, since it's a german university-students-webpage.. I'm there under my full name..
hope ur little kya is fine!! I MISS U!! have u heard something from miss former-trapp-then-lewis??
grosse umarmung, jenny