Friday, December 08, 2006

Kick the Habit, Baby

Lately in my house, we've been waging what will eventually be known as "The Battle of the Skirt." It is a tiresome but predictable battle, frought with outbursts of tears and incomprehensible frustration. Why we are waging this battle, I do not know. I don't know what started it, but I hope it ends soon so I can start to find it more amusing.

Although she isn't much of a delicate child, Kitten has always been fond of girly clothing. However, as of late, she has developed a full-blown obsession with them. Particularly skirts. She must be wearing a skirt at all times. She wants nothing to do with pants - the mere mention of anything with two cloth legs causes her to hyperventilate. She points out skirts on others. She talks about skirts constantly. She wants to change skirts two or three times a day, which gets difficult because she only has three of them.

Monday night I found myself cutting a pair of pajama shorts into a skirt because she insisted on sleeping in a skirt. Tuesday evening, she was talking about what she wanted for Christmas. She could only think of one thing: roller skates. I was amazed, and thought for sure she was only going to say she wanted skirts.

"Really?" I said, "Roller skates? That's what you want?"
"Yeah!" she replied. "So I can roller skate! And wear a SKIRT!"
Of course.


rilah said...

hahahaha. i can't wait for my tomboy to grow up and shrivel her nose at skirts! (just like mummy does)

ads510 said...

at least she knows how to accessorize!

Timmy said...

haha! she is gonna be Roller Girl! AWESOME~

and I second what ads510 said.

aughra said...

I love skirts, but I hate them on little girls-too many of them look slutty. Like the girl at Gus's school today wearing a black one shorter than her fingertips, with black hooker boots.