Monday, December 04, 2006

From Whose Loins I Sprang

Today is my mother's birthday, and my father's birthday was last week.

They don't read my blog, and to my knowledge, they are not aware of its existence. This is probably a good thing. They might be sent into shock by some of the stuff they would read. Well, my mom. Probably not so much my dad.

I am the eldest of four, so I was sort of the experimental child, the one to go through everything first. My parents are wonderful people with the best of intentions, and I love them dearly, but I know I have turned out nothing like they planned. That's life, though - right?

My parents are good Christians and conservative in their political views, which immediately makes the fact that I am their daughter even more amusing. While I could have been much worse, I was a bit of a hellion as a youngster. They never had to bail me out of jail (because I sweet-talked my way out of going, thank you), but they stayed up worrying about me many a night. I still am a lot like both of them in many ways - I have my mother's occasional domestic tendencies and appreciation for art, and I owe my love of trivia, pop culture, history, and all things Billy Joel to my dad. They gave me a good platform from which to jump beyond myself, and I love them eternally for that.

Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad.


Timmy said...

parents, hmmm.....what are those?

Taylor said...

happy birthday Mr. Robison. Never let them see you sweat.