Monday, December 11, 2006


Manny and I watched Saw, which I found surprisingly enjoyable. Surprisingly really enjoyable, actually, except for that damn Cary Elwes. I can't stand him. He's 75% of the reason that I have never liked The Princess Bride. Then we drank all our whiskey and listened to Lou Reed and loved on the couch and I mumbled a lot and then I passed out.

Went with Lori and George to Ladyman's Cafe for the last time. It's a local diner that's been around for fifty years and recently got bought out as part of the renovation scheme that's taking over downtown Bloomington. It really sucks because all these great old places full of history and character that have been around for ages are disappearing and big, unnecessary offices are replacing them. Later in the evening, Manny and I went to see The Fountain. It was an unbelievably beautiful, moving, amazing movie. I love Aronofsky's films, and I think this is my favorite. Everything about it - the acting, the cinematography, the music - was completely exquisite. Unfortunately, as any of you who are my MySpace friends may have read, we were in a theater completely surrounded by obnoxious, immature assholes. It's one thing to be loud and silly and bring beer to a movie. But for fuck's sake - do that shit at something worthless, like Van Wilder or Turistas.

Spent the day with Lori at her parents' house for the annual Cookie Baking Day. I got introduced to this tradition last year, and it was so much damn fun that I had to come back. It's not often that I get to wear an apron and make cookies in the shape of bicycles and dachshunds and aging transvestites (that last part is an inside, albeit true, joke).


Anonymous said...

i can't believe George ate Poophead

rilah said...

mmm i want cookies. can you bring some up north with you? i suppose i could just bake or buy some, or go to my kitchen cupboard, but that's pretty far away.