Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Open Letters, Part II

Dear General Mills:
You have almost gotten it right. I have long been a fan of the cheddar-flavored Chex Mix. The problem was that I tended to favor the cheese-dusted corn Chex. I'd eat the rest of the mix, but reluctantly so. Then you introduced "Simply Chex," which was just a bag of cheese-dusted Chex. Wow! I was so excited! Except that it was both corn and wheat Chex. The wheat Chex, while I'm sure is a much better source of whole grain, tastes kind of like burnt cardboard. Go one step further and make me some "Simply Cheese-Dusted Corn Chex," and I'll be your happiest customer.

Dear My Period:
Thank you for arriving and all, believe me, I appreciate it. But damn you for sneaking up on me one day early.

Dear Wells Fargo:
Please stop calling me. I know my car payment is late. It's in the mail. You'll get it just in time to save the company from completely collapsing around itself. Jesus.


torporindy said...

My sympathies on the car payment. I have had cingular call me the day after a payment was due before. They really cannot be that hard up for money.

Doug said...

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree on the Chex issue. Perhaps it's different with the store bought cheese chex, but with the original home made Chex Mix, the Wheat Chex are superior, followed fairly closely by the Corn Chex. The Rice Chex are a waste of time. And, why oh why even bother with the pretzels. Really.

gigi said...

well, of course, home made Chex Mix beats storebought any and every time.

that's a whole other post, doug :)

aughra said...

Love the last one!

You should get your tubes tied! I feel very mature, and a bit retro, having mine done.

Sorry, that's probably supremely unwanted advice!!

Stacey said...

I totally ignore the pretzels in chex mix. I do, however, love any kind of chex dusted with any kind of cheese. Mmm.

gigi said...

i've thought about getting my tubes tied. i might just do it!