Monday, October 23, 2006

Like Martha Stewart, Minus the Jail Time.

This year, I cancelled my subscription to Jane magazine and switched to Real Simple instead.
I purchased a day planner and a list-organizing notebook.
I have a sewing machine on my Christmas list.
I spend a fair amount of time worrying about fitting all the food groups into my kids' diet.
I prefer staying at home watching movies on the couch to going out.
I have made plans to go ice skating and bake cookies with my siblings for the holidays.
I am going to make ghosts out of white plastic trash bags with my kids this week.
I am also going to carve jack o'lanterns this week.
I will roast the seeds, too.

But dammit, I still wear socks with skulls on them.


Timmy said...

I carved Jack-o-lanterns this weekend and baked the seads, they were yummy! Garlic, Season Salt mixture that was YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

Baking cookies and ice skating sounds like fun!

Stacey said...

You ARE all grown up! I was just thinking today that it might be time for me to give up the "Jane" for something, well, a little more adult.

gigi said...

yeah stacey, it's mostly because jane started to suck ass, big time :)

go with real simple! you'd love it!

Carrie said...

I stumbled onto your blog from Crazy Mama's. I, too, have partially grown up recently. I don't think people have noticed, though. As I was reading Good Housekeeping tonight, my husband asked what I was reading. When I told him, he just laughed. No dickhead comment - just a laugh (even worse)!

gusgreeper said...

sweet cause i think i got you some skull socks :)

gigi said...

hell yes you did, and you know i wear them all the time. i love skulls!