Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dentists Would Be Proud

As most of you know, Manny's daughter, C-Rex, started kindergarten in August. She is doing wonderfully, learning something new every day. The best part is that she tends to share these things with us at the most random of times. When we pick her up from school and ask her what she learned that day, she usually responds with "I don't know." But if we give her an hour or so, she'll start telling us amazing facts about camels and discussing what household chemicals are poisonous.

Yesterday, after picking her and Kitten up, we went by the bridal shop to pick up my dress and shoes. After we got back in the car, we were pulling out of the parking lot, and C piped up, "Guess what I learned about today that I never learned about before?"

"What's that?" I replied.

"It's when you get holes in your teeth 'cause you don't brush and it's called 'tooth acay,' " she said gravely.

"Oh, right, tooth decay. That can cause cavities in your teeth," I responded.

"Yeah, like if you don't brush your teeth right and if you eat bad foods or you eat only one food all the time, you can get tooth acay," she said. And that was that.

Later that evening, after we had dinner, it must have still been on her mind. She and Kitten were in the bathroom washing their hands, and they were being pretty quiet. Then I heard C whisper conspiratorially, "Hey K... you wanna talk some more about teeth?"


ads510 said...

everyone needs a dentist in the family. watch out for that tooth acay!

Timmy said...

she is on her way to being a hygentis!

aughra said...

Awesome! I just hope she continues to give Kitten good information. Gus's older cousins are the kings of misinformation. I am constantly having to correct details of the solar system!!