Friday, September 22, 2006

Thanks Again

Thanks again to everyone who showed me some birthday love. You guys are wonderful.

Thanks to Corinna for the rad socks, and thanks to Rilah for the very sweet card. You Canadians are awesome.

My dearest Manny gave me an excellent book on typography, because I am a big nerd like that.

Here is a photo of the cake presented to me by my friends Lori and George. It is very appropriate, I think.

So thanks again, everyone!

Now, it's time for the Friday Five:

1. Given a choice, and imagining that money and time were no object, would you rather cook dinner, eat out or order in?
Once upon a time, I would have said "go out to eat," but I'm kind of lazy and domesticated now, and I would prefer to stay at home with my unrestricted-by-the-bounds-of-time-and-money meal, so I could enjoy it in my pajamas.
2. What is the most elaborate meal you've ever prepared yourself or purchased at a restaurant?
Hmmm... well... considering that I am an "appetizer for my meal" kind of girl, anything other than that is pretty elaborate for me. Once, though, Manny and I went to a fancy Italian restaurant for a romantic evening, and we had the works - appetizer, full meal, wine, and dessert. That's a pretty big deal for me.
3. What food do you find yourself making and/or eating way too much?
Cereal. Toast.
4. What was your most disastrous cooking/eating out experience?
Pretty much every time I've ever tried to use a crockpot. I am crockpot-retarded.
5. Would you rather cook for someone else or have them cook for you?
I like to cook! I'll cook for you!


Mark Robison said...

I would say my biggest cooking disaster was 7th grade home-ec, when my broiled burgers (who broils burgers, anyway?) caught fire! We got a B.

gusgreeper said...

i hate cooking so much i seriously ONLY can make KD and spaghetti that is IT. I used to say that and it wasn’t really true but now it is 100% true. i tried to make eggs on toast yesterday- total fucking disaster.
what i wanted in a man was silly, but i got what i wanted: i wanted a. into sports must actually play one. b. must golf. (i know two sports ones but the golf one came in later the first one was more someone that would either run WITH me or ride a bike next to me while i run so i don't get adducted and i like guys who play hockey) c. they HAD TO COOK and d. had to vote.
abc does not vote but he has all the rest [and more!], thankfully seeing as i can't even make eggs on fucking toast. (it was the eggs i messed up just so you know)
im glad you like your socks. the 13 pair and NOT saying the lucky on them worked out rather well i was pretty excited :)

gigi said...

they were fabulous socks!
eggs on toast is wonderful.

and mark, by far, i think your cooking disaster would be the time you tried to cook a hot dog in the microwave for not one, but ten minutes.

Stacey said...

Love the cake.

Timmy said...

poop face!

rilah said...

you're welcome. see what all of canadia can hold for you, if you just come...migrate, come on, you know you wanna.