Monday, September 11, 2006

Progress Report

Days without meat: 7
So far, I'm not missing meat/various other animal products. I'm missing the convenience (fast food, mostly), but not the stuff itself. I am still eating cheese, because that's going to be one hard dietary habit to break. But I have replaced all my milk with soymilk, butter with soy butter, hot dogs with veggie dogs, etc. I have tried cooking with tofu and checked out cookbooks from the library. So far, so good.
Days on antidepressants: 4
Although I know I won't get a good, full effect from my drugs for a couple more weeks or so, I am already noticing differences. I feel calmer, more patient, and able to think more clearly. As for side effects, here's what I've noticed: when I drink, I still feel nice, but things are sharper. It's what I call a "smarter drunk." I also yawn more frequently, which is admittedly strange, but not too bothersome. My appetite is diminished a bit. There may be a possible sexual side effect - I'm not entirely sure yet - let's just say it takes me longer, but the time -ahem- is worth it.
Days until our impending nuptials: 32
Almost a month to go. My dress is in the process of being made. We're meeting with our officiant this week to work on our vows. I still need to print and mail out the invitations (yeah, that's important). I also need to secure things with the cake, the photographer, and the flowers. Shit, I better get on these things.
Days until my birthday: 10
Hooray, not that important.


Timmy said...

hooray! birthday is upon us!

MaeMae said...

Congrats on the veggie thing....I wish I could do that...but I'd proabably go insane!

Jack said...

That's cool, I'm envious. I've thought about it but haven't had the drive to make it happen.
Drugs are great. Drugs with therapy are better if you have the resources or inclination, imho.
That's exciting. Where are you registered?

indygirl said...

Yeah, the sexual side effects are common.

Meat is for losers! Go girl!

Mark said...

Hey, Sister! So proud of you for going green (and that bland, off-white tofu color, too)! I've never been successful, but the decrease in saturated fats would totally be worth it. I don't want soymilk on my granola, though. Alex told me that I should get drunk at your wedding; I told him that he was an alchie. He shan't be drinking. Much love!

gigi said...

you can drink at my wedding, but remember - mom and dad will be there!