Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Long Weekend in Sixty Seconds

-begin weekend-

visited IndyGirl. went to the gay bar with Indy, Pablo, Tim, and company. danced danced danced. came back to Indy's, my foot was bleeding. it hurt. got a bandaid that looked like bacon. slept. woke up. went to breakfast. coffee, eggs, oatmeal, toast. it was nice and chilly out. disassembled a coffee table. laid on floor with sunglasses on and contemplated. drove home with aforementioned coffee table in my back seat. was happy to see Manny, he smelled good and was wearing argyle socks. hot sex. long nap. went to grocery. biiiig bottle of wine, soy milk, veggie burgers, various other good and sundries. went home, cleaned house, happy to have windows open again. organized laundry cabinet. drank the wine and watched Candyman with Manny. really liked it. slept. woke up. watched Best in Show. drove to Columbus to meet my mom at a starbucks. halfway there, sudden realization - period. stop at gas station for tampons and advil. meet mom, drive to Indy (the city, not the person), shop at mall. mall is awful. three pairs of pants, earrings, and perfume. birthday present from mom - thanks, mom. pick up Kitten, Kitten goes home with my mom for a sleepover. go home. cookout at friend's house. listen to beatles. beer is rationed 'cos it's a sunday and indiana has shitty laws. go home. sleep. wake up. grocery shop, again. go see Little Miss Sunshine with Lori, George, and Gwynne. is very good, very very good. go home. C-Rex and Kitten are both dropped off. typical madness of usually associated with sunday night ensues. go to sleep. wake up.

-end weekend-