Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's Official!

Okay, so the long-running sort-of inside joke with Manny and I getting married has been that he hasn't actually proposed. That's right, we've been planning to get married for nine months now, and the wedding is all planned out, but he had never actually asked me to be his wife.

Until tonight.

At 2 AM, on Sunday, September 10th, Manfred Manbride finally got down on one knee, produced the ring, and said to me,

"Fuck it. Will you marry me?"

And of course, I said yes.


And because Stacey requested it, here is a close up of the ring. It's tourmaline and silver, as I am not a diamonds kind of gal. I wanted something that I would have picked out myself to wear "normally," and this was definitely the one.


Jack said...

Congrats! It's very good that he got around to it. I think.

sfchick74 said...


Stacey said...

YAY! Bring on a close up of the ring!

rilah said...

woohoo. nothing like a question actually being popped to make the wedding planning seem worth it!!! (not that it wasn't).

how many days to go til you're mrs. manbride?

aughra said...

Gorgeous!! Congratulations.

ads510 said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! You've got a busy 32 days ahead of you! Enjoy it and don't stress yourself out.

gusgreeper said...

the final count down. i remember it well. sweeeeet ring :)

Stacey said...

Good grief! I just realized that you added a picture of the ring. It's beautiful, and very unique!