Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Say it's My Birthday

Today, at 11:36 AM, I will officially be 23 years old. This is a rather unremarkable age, but I will celebrate it nonetheless. Thank you to everyone who has/will be sending me birthday greetings/cards/presents/chips and salsa - I appreciate all of it and I love all of you!

I now present to you photos. Yay, photos!

I'm the one in the hat.

My dad, sporting a lovely hospital gown and some very 80s glasses.

I still wear sailor dresses from time to time, when I feel fancy.

This was before I smeared the cake all over my face.


indygirl said...

You look like your mom! I've not really noticed it until this picture was posted.

gigi said...

ah yes, I sorta kinda do :)
she was my age now when she had me.

Stacey said...

What great pictures! I think you look a lot like your mom, too. And I loooooove your haircut! Happy birthday!

ads510 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIGI!!! gosh, you're such a young'un...still not even a quarter of a century old yet.

Osbasso said...

Happy Birthday, Gigi! Yer still a pup! Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I agree. You look like your mom.

aughra said...

Wow, you do totally look like your mom.

On my twenty third birthday I was seven months pregnant, and very depressed. I have a photo of me, in a striped shirt and maternity overalls, my hair growing in from shaving my head three months prior, with sad eyes.

Have a beautiful day.

gusgreeper said...

HERE IS your once chance fancy don't let me down!
glad you had a great day and HOLY you weren't mixed about with another mommmy at the hospital no you weren't!