Friday, September 08, 2006

Changes, and the Five

As of Monday, September 4, I became a vegetarian. Honestly, it's not going to be a problem, I don't think. I've never been much of a red meat person, definitely not a pork person, and chicken sometimes. Seafood was the only "meat" I'm really fond of.

Anyway, Manny and I are doing this together. He wants to be full-on vegan eventually, and I think at some point I'll be ready for that, too. Until then, I consider myself lacto-vegetarian. I still participate in the consumption of dairy products, bitches.

I want a t-shirt that says that.

Anyway. So I'm not eating meat, and now I'm medicated. Yes, medicated. For five years or so, I struggled with depression and anxiety issues, and lately I have just been feeling overloaded and overwhelmed. I saw my doctor this morning, and I am now officially taking Effexor. After reading about the problems my dear Corinna had coming off the Eff, I'm a bit worried. I've done my research on forums and, as with pretty much every drug, there are good and bad reports. Some people say it gave them their life back, others say it ruined it. So we'll see. It's just an experiment, for now. I'll update you when I feel a difference.

So anyway, time for the Friday Five, which I know nobody cares about, but I'm such a fucking narcissist that I do it anyway. These are last week's questions, and if they get updated for today, I'll just go balls-out and do those, too.

For Sept. 1, 2006
1. Labor Day weekend traditionally marks the end of summer. What will you miss most about summer?
Absolutely nothing. Okay, maybe sandals. And swimming. And my town not being overran with the college kids. But that's it.
2. What are you most looking forward to this fall?
Everything! I love fall, it's my favorite season. Things I'm looking forward to: my birthday (Sept. 21), going to see the Futureheads (Sept. 23), volunteering at Lotus Festival (Oct. 6/7), GETTING MARRIED! (Oct. 13), Halloween, going to see Placebo (Nov. 3), cooler weather, colorful trees, boots, sweaters, WORLD SERIES, everything. I love fall.
3. What are your plans for Labor Day weekend?
Read here.
4. Labor Unions were the driving force behind the creation of Labor Day. How else have they impacted your life?
I've no fucking clue. They have allowed me to get a paid day off from work, though, for which I am thankful.
5. Natural labor or fully medicated labor?
When Kitten was born, I had an epidural. It was a huge relief.


ads510 said...

good luck with the vegetarianism and the meds. keep us updated. i'm curious about how effexor works for you, b/c the husband has been on a few different combinations of anti-anxiety/depression drugs and nothing ever worked for him, but he never tried that.

Timmy said...

vegans are taking over the state!

aughra said...

I am a pisce-lacto-ovo-vegetarian. Went vegan for a while, but it was bad news. I need dairy protein every once and a while. I'm of French descent - we are built for that shit.

I've heard some rough stuff about Effexor, too. Do you have anxiety issues, is that whey you are taking it? Aren't there better things for straight depression. I love my Zoloft, but I am one of the few that it seems to work for, for this long.

I love Fall, too. So so so much. My anniversary is Oct 27. You will always remember it's two weeks after yours!

And my baby's birthday will be six days before yours!!

rilah said...

good luck with the effexor and veggie-ism. watch for feeling lightheaded, since normally, it's pretty hard to transition to vegetarianism and maintain an adequate caloric intake while being on effexor. i found that it took away my appetite a lot and made it so i didn't notice if i was running low on energy.

but i didn't have any real issues coming off of effexor with the exception of the fact that i went off of it cold-turkey, while having major morning sickness.

i was a vegan for 2 years and if you wanna go for it, i suggest really immersing yourself in full veggie mode so the transition is easier. it can be hard, since the difference between eating dairy products and completely cutting out all animal products really becomes about what you can eat, not what you can't.

i'm proud of you for taking steps that you think will add to your health and happiness.

Stacey said...

We may have to chat about the Effex...My doctor prescribed it and gave me samples, and then I was afraid to try it after I searched the web and found horror stories about getting off of it. Please keep updating about your experience with it.