Monday, August 14, 2006


You know it's Monday when the first thing you do upon walking into your office is spill coffee on your white shirt, and then when you go into the bathroom to wash it out, there is someone violently throwing up in the first stall.

This weekend, Manny & I watched a cheesy Bava horror flick from the seventies, I slept in, rediscovered the band/musician VAST, went to see The Beauty Academy of Kabul (choice flick, very very good), slept in again, made pancakes, had a run-in with my crazy almost-mother-in-law, had the day to myself while Manny & C-Rex went to the zoo, sort-of-bought a lawnmower, and made a pizza. That was a really long sentence.


indygirl said...

Bloomington has a zoo?

Nice weekend yo!

gigi said...

no... they went to indy.