Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Offending Her Delicate Sensibilities

  • Yesterday evening, I was on the computer looking at a celebrity gossip blog (yeah, I know, lame), and Kitten walked into the room. There was a very unflattering photo of Mariah Carey on the screen at the time, and the instant she looked at the screen, she gasped, "EWWWW!!! What IS that? That's DISGUSTING!"

  • This morning, Kitten was carring her breakfast banana around like a baby, cradling it in her arms and talking to it sweetly. As she was getting in the car, she sat the banana next to her and said to me, "Buckle in my baby, Mommy."

    I replied, "Well, don't you want to eat the banana?"

    She looked at me, horrified, and squealed, "NOOOOO!!! That's GROSS!"

    Timmy said...

    Indygirl would have ate your childs bananna. She is a meanie like that.

    indygirl said...

    She's lucky I wasn't there.

    I love Kitten!

    rilah said...

    HAHAHA. too cute.

    ads510 said...

    i hope she gets over her love for the banana before it gets super funky and brown and has fruit flies all over the place.

    and at least kitten has learned at a young age that mariah carey is a pretty scary specimen.

    aughra said...

    That's great! I would have eated it, too.

    I can't wait for this new baby. I was organizing Gus's toys, and found the Green Goblin toy I used as a bribe to get him to poop in the potty for the first time. That kid looked at that packaged toy on the top of the frig for three days before producing a turd in his potty chair. I teared up, looking at it!!