Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Important Announcement

Ahem, ladies and gentlemen? Yes, I have an announcement.

It has been decided upon by a committee of highly astute people and by scientific survey that so-called "comedian," one Mr. Dane Cook, is officially declared "not funny."

Despite popular belief and a near-rabid following, it shall remain proven henceforth that Mr. Cook's jokes are trite, his attitude smarmy, his looks unremarkable (no, ladies and gentlemen, he is not "hot"), his accent annoying, and his talent mediocre at best. His general status can best be described with the adjectives "obnoxious" and "overrated."

Furthermore, anyone who allows himself to be romantically linked to Jessica Simpson is hereby granted the label of "douche bag."

You, Mr. Cook, have officially been declared "not funny," i.e., your jokes do not make me laugh.

Best of luck in your future endeavors.

-gigi frankenstein-


MaeMae said...

Ok.....ok..... overrated, yes, especially for someone who's only claim to fame is 2 comedy CD's and a few movie cameos...but I do find him funny...sometimes more than others...but all in all, I do laugh more than I don't. He's definitely arrogant, and the accent can be trying, but god.....he is original in his style of delivery, I have to agree to disagree on this one.......and enjoy your spaghetti, you are very rude.... (I hope you got that.....) Have a happy thursday!

Timmy said...

cant wait to dance with you, sugar tits.

Pablo said...

Me too!

Nölff said...

Your boiling.
I feel the same way about Carlos Mencia.... and Jim Carey.

gigi said...

fuck yes, nolff. fuck yes.

Jack said...

I couldn't agree with you more. But I'll try.

gusgreeper said...

speaking of jessica simpson... i already could not stand john mayer and now i can't even hear the name john mayer neither of us can without gut busting eruptions of laughter. what is this world coming to.

aughra said...

I feel the same way about most of your points, but I still kind of find him funny.

Just because he seems like a jerk personally, doesn't mean that he can't still occasionally make me giggle.