Friday, August 18, 2006

The Friday Five (or in this case, ten).

Recently, I discovered Five on Friday, a little project run by this chick. You can bet your ass that it's getting done every Friday. And since I'm new to it all, I'm doing two weeks' worth to make up. Here we go!

For August 11th
1. What is the last thing you ate without regret?
Aha! That, my friends, would be the award-winning combination of Breyer's butter pecan ice cream and two chunky Chips Ahoy! cookies. Oh my god.

2. Who was the last person you talked to?
My work friend Andy, and we were talking about shoes.

3. When was your last vacation?
My last vacation from work was during the 4th of July. My last actual vacation, in which I actually packed a bag and paid money to stay at some sort of establishment was back on the first weekend of February, for our 2 year anniversary, and even then, that was just one night in Indy. The last time I actually stayed the night out of state was almost a year ago, in October, when I went to see Bauhaus in Chicago. Ummm... I think it's about time for a vacation again.

4. When was your last hug and who did you receive it from?
This morning, when I dropped Kitten off at preschool.

5. What is the last thing most people learn about you?
Anything that isn't about my kids/home life, politics, religion, movies, or music. So maybe my shoe size?

For August 18th
1. How often do your letters/cards come back to you?
Pretty much never. I'm about to send a letter to Japan, though, and I think that might come back because, let me tell you, the address is crazy.

2. If you buy something that turns out to be defective or broken, how likely are you to return it to the store or manufacturer?
It depends on how lazy I'm feeling or how broke I am. More than likely, it will just sit in the trunk of my car for half a year, and then I'll either give it to Goodwill or throw it away.

3. Describe your own personal "return policy" for items you've purchased or received as gifts.
Again, it all depends on laziness. And forgetfulness, I tend to forget to do things like that.

4. When you borrow library books, do you return then on time?
Absolutely not. I am horrible about this, and I think I owe our library about $20 right now. I am also the same way with video rentals, which is why I switched to Netflix, because the most I can handle is a walk to my mailbox.

5. What is your opinion on Elvis? Do you think he's really dead?
Yes, thank god, and highly overrated. And a racist. And not cute.

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Timmy said...

hi freaky freak! any new bumper stickers yet?