Friday, August 25, 2006


I don't like to use the phrase or acronym "Thank God It's Friday/TGIF," because it's such a prosaic, overused phrase. Friends, if you use this phrase, I won't think less of you, just know that I, personally, won't be using it.

However, I will celebrate the relief that Friday brings all the same.

I will also do my blogger duty and perform the Friday Five right about... now.

Theme: Back To School Blues
1. When you were a kid, do you do back-to-school shopping?
Yes, I did, for both clothes and supplies. To this day, I still get the urge to go shopping most heavily during this time of year. Nothing thrills me like the smell of a box of crayons.

2. Do you still peruse the back-to-school aisles now that you're grown up?
Yes! And this year, since Kitten is in preschool, I actually got to purchase back-to-school supplies for her. I was so happy!

3. What back-to-school item did you just have to have, only later to find out it wasn't as useful as you thought?
I think I speak for everyone when I say the words "Trapper Keeper." It was such a status symbol. I tried so hard to make it as functional as possible. I'd start off with folders, color-coded and neatly labeled, a fresh notebook, lots of pencils, but by about October, it would just be a mess. It looked cool, though.

4. What is your favorite TV show about school?
My automatic response is Saved By the Bell. But really, I'd say that My So-Called Life, while not entirely about school, qualifies and is therefore my favorite.

5. What was your favorite and least favorite part of going back to school?
Favorite: Having the chance, every August, to re-invent myself. All summer long, I'd plan to come back to school as a smarter, cooler, more fashionable and pulled-together Gigi Frankenstein, but it never happened. Okay, I think it happened once, in high school, but that was it.
Least Favorite: Getting used to not sleeping in, homework, drama, and cafeteria food.


indygirl said...

Do you know what I'd do for a Trapper Keeper now? I'd even cover it in stickers.

rilah said...

the was one episode of the simpsons with a possessed trapper keeper. i'd kill for one of those...