Friday, July 21, 2006

Weekend Forecast: Ladybugs

Today is Robin Williams' birthday. It's also Josh Harnett's birthday, but I don't care about him.

This weekend should be interesting. Manny and I finally get a night to ourselves, which should be very nice. We'll be shopping for bookshelves and watching Jesus is Magic. On Saturday, my mum is coming to visit, and she'll see our new house for the first time. Which should be fine, as she isn't an overly-critical mother or anything. Well, she's critical in her own vague way, but it's nothing intolerable. My mum and I have a fairly good relationship - well, now we do, anyway. She's quite a fun person when it's just her. She's conservative and religious, of which I am neither, but she's become more open-minded these days. She went with me not long ago to an art fair downtown, and we had a blast. And she bought me a very cool mug.

Anyway, after her tour of our new house, we're going to do some birthday shopping for the girls. C-Rex turned 5 yesterday, and Kitten's 3rd birthday is next Monday, so we're having a party for them at my parents' house on Sunday. I'm going to be staying with my parents on Saturday evening so that I can begin working on a cake that will eventually look like this:
I've been looking everywhere for a bodywash that I used when I stayed with a friend last weekend. It's made by Dial and smells of cucumber and yogurt (but nothing like tzatziki sauce, interestingly enough). Has anyone seen this?

Okay, now, off to work... happy Friday!


indygirl said...

Is that cake made with real ladybugs?

gigi said...

yes! they're very cruncy and full of protein for the children!


ads510 said...

You totally want to smell like a gyro!

aughra said...

That body wash does sound good. Good luck with the girls' party. I will be working. Because, as we know, all I do is work.

gusgreeper said...

have a great weekened.
i remember when my mom made me those cool cakes. that one rocks.
we have a really cool ladybug door matt it has become a GUS matt though because crazy cunt face MRS e. would NEVER EVER let us actually keep it outside the door.

SFChick74 said...

Body washes are so damn expensive.

You can buy shampoo for about a 1/4 of the price and use that as body wash.

Timmy said...

I want a cake that looks like that!