Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy Birthday, Baby

Exactly three years ago today, I was exactly where my dear friend Rilah is right now: in the hospital, giving birth.

It was a Thursday. I went to the hospital very early in the morning (around 4 am, to be precise), thinking my water had broken. After spending an hour watching The Waltons and trying to convince the nurses that yes, I was indeed leaking fluid, they finally admitted me. The dam had burst. But I wasn't having contractions, so I had to be induced. I got a Pitocin drip at 9:30 AM. I wasn't dilated at that point, and I wasn't in any pain whatsoever, either.

One hour later, I was unable to move without screaming and dilated six centimeters. That's when I got the epidural. I never at any point tried to convince myself that I could be Wonder Woman and go without the drugs. I knew there were risks - the main one I had heard about was nerve damage in the back. But at that point, I didn't care - it fucking hurt. Ouch. So hooray, anethesia!

At 11:00 AM, the anethesiologist showed up. They tried to needle me up in between contractions, but there was no in between. This took about half an hour or so. Right as I had lain back down and the welcome, warm numby feeling was setting in, the nurse came back to check my progress. It was at this point that she informed me that I was fully dilated and asked if I was ready to push. What? I just got here! I just started not to feel anything and now I have to push! Gah!

But who am I to argue?

At noon, I started to push. Twenty-three minutes later, I had a wailing, dark-haired, purplish-white-skinned baby girl laying on my chest and peeing everywhere. And I was so overcome with every emotion ever that I couldn't do anything but cry, too.

And now, three years later, here we are. I have a daughter who knows all the words to "Yellow Submarine," would be perfectly content with eating mozzarella string cheese for the rest of her life, and who has the most charming smile ever in the world. I love you, Kitten. I'm so proud to be your mommy, and I can't wait to watch you grow up into a mad scientist ballerina.

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ads510 said...

awww, gigi, that made me cry. As much as I'm hating the negatives of this whole pregnancy business, I can't wait to welcome our new baby into this fucked up world (with the assistance of an epidural, of course!)

And Happy birthday kitten!!!

indygirl said...

Awww very nice!

She probably shouldn't live on string cheese though, no matter how cute she is when asking to.

Timmy said...

there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with drugs. Dont get all scientologist on me now!

gusgreeper said...

so sweet.

(sorry this comment is so late)

thank you so much for inviting me onto your flickr you have a beautiful family!!! she is so precious.

rilah said...

awwww. that made me cry. i guess i can't blame hormones anymore, can i?

epidurals rock...and when i post the "story" in the next week, you'll see that my numb-to-pushing experience was kinda sorta similar.