Thursday, July 06, 2006

Alternate Universe

Yesterday, I went home from work very sick with a near-brain-damage-level fever and horrible stomach cramping. I have deduced that it was food poisoning. Anyway, I was having various delusions whilst home by myself ("Hmm... my mini-blinds look like the cover of Joy Division's album Unknown Pleasures"), and I'm convinced that even though my fever is gone and I feel much better, my delusions have not gone away.

This morning, while driving to work, I saw three full-grown, gray-haired men walking down the sidewalk - not together, three separate incidents. Then, I saw a truck with this decal:

I'm sorry, but what the fuck is there to fear about lawn-mowing and tractor equipment? Well, aside from being run over and chopped to bits. But seriously? How stupid!

Also, gas has gone up 15 cents and one of my favorite restaurants in town is shutting down. When will the madness end?


indygirl said...

Who is shutting down?

I am very scared of John Deere equipment. Ok more scared of the people who use it, but whatev.

Timmy said...

I am scared of weed eaters.

gigi said...

the bloody encore cafe - they're killing the restaurant and opening another bloomingfoods. we already have one in town. argh.

indygirl said...

OH MY GOD NO That sucks!

rilah said...

i like john deere - but only for the shade of green in all of their marketing materials. that green rocks.

i'm assuming that you are feeling better and have potentially "gotten it all out of your system?" if not, i fully suggest some soup and starbucks.

actually, i suggest that, anyways.

ads510 said...

not the encore cafe??? that sucks! why do you need another bloomingfoods? i lived in bton for 8 years and never once did i think, "hhmmm...wish we had another bloomingfoods."

at least the sticker didn't say "ain't skeered"

Nölff said...

I drove a Ford tractor when I lived on the farm. John Deer sucks. I am not afraid them.

There I said it.

SFChick74 said...

Maybe they were fans of the movie "Lawnmower Man".

gusgreeper said...

canada does not have bloomingfoods.