Sunday, July 02, 2006

Alphabet Soup

A) I have two days left of my four-day-weekend. Tomorrow is my day all to myself. I am going to do some laundry, shave my legs, and watch In Her Shoes.
B) This evening, I sat with my girls on the hood of my car and watched our trashy neighbors light fireworks in the parking lot.
C) I don't get all pumped up about Independence Day, as you may not be surprised to know. If you ever see me wearing red, white, and blue together, it will either be on Bastille Day or a horrible, horrible mistake.
D) Earlier today, I listened to the Dresden Dolls' most recent album, Yes Virginia, and loved it. It got me all pumped up for when I get to see them in two weeks.
E) Last night, I got very drunk and emotional and cried over Bobby Kennedy for half an hour.


ads510 said...

our trashy neighbors like to wait until about 3:30am to shoot off fireworks. Yet another reason why I can't wait to get out of these apartments.

indygirl said...

Bobby Kennedy would have cried for you too.

rilah said...

i felt the same way about canada day, this year. meh, and of course, i avoided wearing red and white (or any burn-chafing clothes) but unfortunately DO have a maple leaf tattooed on my ass, so i'm stuck appearing patriotic.

and i loved in her shoes! (for the record, the word verification has bj in it a million times and i'm laughing my ass off)

gigi said...

knowing the alcoholism that runs in the kennedy family, i'm sure bobby would have cried for me. who knows, maybe his and jfk's ghosts were crying with me right there.

rilah, i can't believe you've got a maple leaf tattooed on your ass - you are so patriotic!

bj bj bj!

SFChick74 said...

I enjoy July 4th because I just like any excuse to have a party.

aughra said...

I could give a shit about Independence Day, and find fireworks to be loud and dangerous. And the only loud and dangerous thing I like is myself.

gusgreeper said...

in her shoes was pretty awesome i really liked the shoes and i had no sister so it made it even more RAD for me anyway.
canada day is lame if i call it canadia one more time i think Rilah is going to stomache punch me or something.