Thursday, June 15, 2006

One Month To Go...

I am moving to this house in exactly one month. Yes, I cannot wait. It's been three years since I lived in an actual house, and it will be so unbelievably nice to not have to deal with the following:

drug-dealer neighbors
domestic abuser neighbors
neighbors who let their children run around the parking lot
neighbors who receive and do not give me my mail
cops coming around looking for my neighbors
neighbors with big, loud, ugly dogs
neighbors with big, loud, ugly kids
neighbors who use the flag of Texas as a curtain
my jackass of a landlord
the dumpster overflowing with smelly garbage
beer bottles in the parking lot
going to the laundromat
walking up rickety wooden stairs to get to my apartment
not being able to find a parking space

So yeah, one month left to deal with all of that. Let the countdown begin!


indygirl said...

Weeeee! I'm so excited! You'll never get rid of me!

rilah said...

i'm so excited for you. call it OCD, but there's nothing better than moving into a new house and dirtying it all up, knowing it's yours to clean, now.

gigi said...

thanks guys :) and not to boast, but this house is awesome... it's fairly new, has plenty of space, a big backyard for the kids to play in, and new appliances (including a washer and dryer!!!) - it's going to be soooo nice!!

and i'll be sure to post pictures from The Big Move.

ads510 said...

looks super nice! have you checked around to verify that you will be free of crazy neighbors? (I find that everyone has at least one...we know that one of our new neighbors is a nutbag) I too can't wait to get out of our apartment...we've got 13 days until we close on our house and exactly one month until we move in! (I guess I better start packing.)

Timmy said...

yay! I am so happy for you! why didnt you come to me for your mortgage?

gigi said...

because i'm renting.
but this landlord isn't a jackass, she's very nice.

Lori said...

it looks like a republican would live need a dog and hummer for the yard

gigi said...

a) that house will NOT be inhabited by republicans.
b) no hummer, and i doubt manny will approve of a dog, either.
c) lori, when i live in this house, you may come over for a cookout! isn't that exciting?

gusgreeper said...

let it begin for sure! congrats that is awesome!
to get rid of my landCUNT and get my mail that goes into the 210 box and not the 204 would be FANTASTIC!
don't worry yours IS coming to 204 i will get it. WHEN the government has read it. man they read slow.

SFChick74 said...

Congratulations! It's all about having your own parking space.