Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Was Going to Buy a New Car

Well, new to me, anyway. I found one I liked. It was a nice car.

The guy trying to sell it to me, however, was a complete and total douche bag.

When I test drove the car, he rode with me. He was chatty enough, asked me the basic personal questions, what I did, if I have kids, etc. But then he asked a little too much - how I met Manny, what my kids were "into," just things I feel a person with whom I am only casually acquainted should know. He also over-enunciated his syllables (Hy-un-da-iee Soh-naht-ah, for example) and had blue contacts that kept sliding around on his eyes, which was just plain creepy. He stood waaaaay too close to me and stared a little too long, and yet I said I would come back the next evening to do some math with him.

The next day, around noon, he calls to "confirm our appointment." He asks me twice how "the kids are doing," and asks me how my day at work is going. He then launches into a story about his wife and daughter being in Mississippi - a story, mind you, that he had told me the day before. Apparently his wife and daughter are doing "mission work" in Mississippi because his wife felt that it was what "God called her to do." To which he added, "And you can't argue with that!"

Actually, sir, yes, I can. I can argue with that all day long.

So yesterday evening, I arrive at the dealership to do the math. He greets me, asks me how my day at work was, and before I can respond, he says again, "How was work today? Long? Hard? Long and hard?" I was completely skeeved out, and STILL, I went into the office with him.

To make a long story short, he threw some numbers around, made me an offer I could refuse, and when he finally wanted to do the credit application, I had had enough of his roving eyes and repetitive banter that I all but ran out of that building. I said very nicely I would let him know when I decided something and got the hell out of there.

He's called three times today, I've not answered once, and I now appreciate my current car more than ever.


Anonymous said...

now I'M skeeved!


indygirl said...


Hang on to that Honda!

rilah said...

see what a responsibility being young, hot and cute is? if you're not up for the task, you'll need to start wearing a paper bag or something, just to be able to purchase vehicles!!!

aughra said...

Ick. Yep, I'm holding onto my 98 Windstar until I drive it into the fucking ground.

ads510 said...

the good thing about finding cars that you like is that you almost always can find the car you're looking for again. and next time a skeeze ball won't be selling it.

gusgreeper said...

i still miss my honda civic.