Thursday, June 08, 2006

Get Them Addicted While They're Young

Everyone who knows me even remotely well knows that I am a total caffeine-head. I must have coffee at least in the morning, or else I will be a total asshole for the rest of the day. Even my girls know this, and they both enjoy watching or helping me make my morning coffee. C-Rex especially likes to go to Starbucks because she knows this will also result in a hot chocolate for her. She has tasted coffee beverages before but wasn't exactly fond of them.

Yesterday evening, I was going to go grocery shopping with Kitten, but I was feeling really run-down. So, to perk me up, we went to Starbucks first. Kitten got a chocolate milk, and I got my summertime standard - iced nonfat mocha, no whipped cream. It's not too sweet, kinda bitter, nice and icy. So we're driving back over to the grocery store when we have the following conversation:

(Kitten throws her empty milk box into the trash can)
K: I all done.
G: Okay. (still sipping on my coffee)
K: Mommy, is that you coffee?
G: Yep.
K: (noticing the ice) Oh. It cold?
G: Sure is.
K: Oh. I have a drink of you coffee?
G: Ummm... well... it's Mommy's and I want to drink it.
K: Please? I have a drink of you coffee?
G: Well, coffee really isn't for kids, honey.
K: Oh. I have a drink of you coffee? (she is very persistent)
G: Fine, you can try it, but I don't think you'll like it. (like I said, it's pretty bitter)
(I hand her the cup, she takes a sip)
K: Mmmm... that coffee?
G: Yeah, did you like it?
K: Yeah... it's soooo good. I have another?
G: Well, it's mine and I really want to drink it.
K: Please? I have another?
G: Ooookay. (I drink most of the rest of it, leaving just a little for her)
(Kitten finishes it up)
K: Mmmm... I like you coffee. Can I have more?
G: Not now, honey - and coffee isn't really for little kids. It's something grown-ups like Mommy drink.
K: (dejectedly) Awwww... but it's so tasty!
G: Well maybe sometime we can get you some decaf...

Yes, she is undoubtedly my child. From her dramatic antics to her spasmodic dance style to her apparent new affinity for coffee-type-beverages, she is my little clone.

In other news, today is the ever-fabulous SFChick's birthday. Stop by her blog and leave her some birthday greetings. Happy Birthday, SFChick!


SFChick74 said...

Thanks! I'm a ripe old's hard to believe that 16 years ago I was listening to New Kids on the Block and getting my driver's license.

SFChick74 said...

I started drinking coffee in elementary/junior high school. It can't hurt much. ;)

Lori said...

did you know that they now have coffee spiked coca cola?