Friday, June 02, 2006

Five Things and a Picture

1. I am going to start being more physically active. I feel like a slug. I am planning on doing the following:
-jorunking (jogging/walking/running) at least twice a week.
-attempting to head out to a tennis court to hit the ol' ball around every once in a while.
-trying out a real gym.
I am trying not to set outlandish goals for myself because I know I am a lazy ass. But at least I'm trying.

2. Kitten starts preschool on Monday. She is now more or less potty-trained, which apparently means she is ready to venture down to the preschool (which is part of her daycare). She's a smart li'l thing, which I'm sure also helps. She's excited, I'm nervous, it's all good.

3. I have a love-hate relationship with my desk calendar. It's a day-by-day calendar of poetry. I have found only a handful of poems so far that I even considered halfway decent. I generally think most of the poems suck. But yet everyday, I peel another page away...

4. I really miss my nose ring. I really, really do. I took it out because it wouldn't heal right. I kept getting a bump on top of it, and not even the saltwater soaks would get rid of it. It would bleed spontaneously and often looked gross. But damn, I looked good with a nose ring.

5. I like to read while eating. I don't know why, but I always have. Especially cookbooks. There's nothing better than eating buttered toast and thumbing through a good picture cookbook. Ahhh...

Hey, look! It's Chaka Khan!


indygirl said...

Chaka upside your head!

May I suggest incorporating a little tetherball into your physical activities?

gigi said...

no, you may not suggest tetherball. perish the thought!

aughra said...

I HAVE to read while eating. I read blogs over breakfast, read a magazine at work with lunch, or a book. It all started with the backs of cereal boxes and the morning paper as a kid.

SFChick74 said...

Chaka Kahn everybody, everybody Chaka Kahn.

Butchieboy said...

I address your Five things and picture:

1. OK.

2. OK.

3. OK.

4. You should use Neosporin to disinfect your peircing. You probably look way hotter with a nose ring. Most women or girls do.

5. You are correct. Eating and reading go hand in hand. I am in favour of that. I will vote for that in the next poll.

Chaka Kahn...Tell Me Something Good...I Feel 4 U...Great singer.

She was married to Rufus Tomas and Prince wrote her other hit (for her) Tell me that you like it...