Thursday, May 25, 2006

Uh Oh

Something strange is happening. Yesterday, I found myself amazed by the selection Sam's Club has to offer. I went for the first time and was pretty much in awe the whole time.

Then, this morning, I found myself engrossed in a story about American Idol. I was even reading the "where are they now?" galleries.

I am also misspelling words more frequently.

Someone please help me.


indygirl said...

OMG we must stop this dumbification!

aughra said...

DON'T GO TO SAM'S! They are part of WalMart, and are anti-union and mistreat their workers.

That's why you are getting dumb. Your ass is also going to spread and your going to start saying Eye-talian Dressing.

gigi said...

hey, i only had to go to sam's for work. we were buying bulk amounts of food. i know they're a part of walmart, which is why i'd never gone there before.

but they have good mattresses!

ads510 said...

if you start saying "warsh" or "nuculer" we're going to take you to the hospital.

Jeremiah said...

you're becoming AMERICAN! a RED-STATE american!

ask yourself: are homeless people homeless because they want to be? was this nation founded on Christian principals? were where WMDs in Iraq?

if you answered "Yes" to any two of these, then you have to move to Martinsville, pronto.