Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I work in an office. I have a cubicle (granted, it is decorated with a little poster of Iggy Pop and a stuffed Black Knight doll with detachable limbs). I interact with clients on a pretty-much-daily basis. But I also consider myself to be an intelligent person with a fairly decent vocabulary, which is why you will never hear me use any of the following words or phrases.
strategic initiatives
touch base
get the ball rolling
drop the ball
step up to the plate
irons in the fire
keep me in the loop
talking points
These are all horribly overused and clich├ęd. They make little-to-no sense, and the instant I hear one of them, I stop paying attention. They should all be banned forevermore.


ads510 said...

our big thing in the office is "SMART goals" where SMART is an acronym for some feel good bullshit that I can't remember. but people are always saying, "have you worked on your smart goal plan?" it drives me nuts. I also don't like, "I'll shoot you an email." I don't think that emails are actually shot out of cannons (guns, whatever)...so don't shoot it at me!

Timmy said...

I shoot emails out of my man-gina!

Miss you Gigi!

Butchieboy said...

I like touch base. It reminds me of Tim.

indygirl said...

I'm a frequent user of "proactive." I am also fond of "teambuilding."

Chicken said...

I used to work in an office. I remember these phrases being used. I hated them as well.