Wednesday, April 05, 2006


  • I left work early yesterday to hang out with Kitten. We walked downtown, had ice cream, then went to the playground. It was lots of fun.
  • I have started drinking coffee again. I feel wonderful.
  • I have lost ten pounds. I feel sexy.
  • Manny and I had mindblowing sex last night whilst listening to My Bloody Valentine. I love MBV, and it reminds me of the early days when Manny and I used to "do it" on his living room floor (whilst listening to MBV) because he shared a room with his sister. Ahh, those were the days.
  • The new Morrissey album is out and I have yet to hear it. I want it!
  • It is almost a week until Rad Friday, which is what we Atheists (well, me and IndyGirl) celebrate instead of Good Friday. Read about last year's Rad Friday celebration on my old blog here.
  • I am going to start participating in Half-Nekkid Thursdays, thanks to Aughra. Read more about HNT here, and here's my first HNT post, for which I am dragging out an old self-portrait...

    ads510 said... got your humping in. sweet!

    by the way, how did you lose the ten pounds? was it just from your inability to eat anything b/c of your throat issue?

    indygirl said...

    Sweet, sweet humping.

    RAD FRIDAY won't know what hit it! Do we have any Terri Sciavo like icons to dedicate the day to?

    gigi said...

    yes, i am attributing the weight loss to the weird throat issue. i have since been able to eat, but i eat much less - maybe this is a weird new eating disorder? i feel healthy, and i'm not starving all the time - i'm just not pigging out like i used to.

    the humping was fabulous.

    and about schiavo-like icons... that miner guy is out of his coma, so he doesn't count. um, natalee holloway? that dead minister whose wife killed him?

    BTExpress said...

    Great picture for your rookie Half-Nekkid Thursday post. Welcome.

    Let Os know you are going to do HNT posts so he can add you to his side bar list on the HNT web site.

    aughra said...

    Hot hot hot! And love the book.

    Spinning Girl said...