Saturday, April 22, 2006

Just A Li'l Weekend Post

A few things:
  • I finally saw V for Vendetta. I loved it. LOVED it. It made me cry. It will stick with me for quite some time.
  • I made "eggie in a basket" for dinner tonight. Or atleast my non-British version of it. Toast. With a fried egg. It was so good.
  • I went to Target this evening. I purchased mint-flavored water, a strapless bra, a good, black, summertime dress, a robe that Manny hates, a pint of Edy's chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream, and raspberry chocolate truffles. And I'm not even on my period.
  • We just watched A History of Violence. It felt way too short. I dug the sex scenes, though.
  • I am now going to pluck my eyebrows.

    Have a good rest-of-the-weekend.

    indygirl said...

    Good, wholesome weekend fun.

    gusgreeper said...

    i try and do my own eyebrows but they end up uneven and stupid.

    NeverEnough said...

    I love eggs in a basket. Yum!

    popfizz said...

    i call them eggs in a hole and eat them every weekend. when i saw V making them i was a bit giddy.

    HOV did have some odd pacing. it did seem like it just flew by. i really did like it though.