Monday, April 10, 2006

Just Another Manic Monday

What did I do this weekend? Let me tell you:

  • Stood on my balcony and watched tornadic weather pass overhead knowing that if a tornado really did come our way, since we live on the second floor of an apartment complex, we'd basically be dead. So I just stood outside and drank a beer.

  • Created the most delicious dessert of all time. Holy shit yes. It involved caramel rice cakes, ice cream, honey, and cinnamon sugar. Manny and I call it "The Michael Landon."

  • Walked downtown with Lori. We had coffee and a quesadilla. And then we went to a little vintage store. I bought a sweet long denim skirt (it's a lot cuter than it sounds) that makes my ass look divine, some cats-eye sunglasses, a scarf with poodles on it, and a stripey scarf for Manny.

  • Spent two evenings in a row drinking and talking with Manny whilst listening to Warsaw, Led Zeppelin, and the Beatles. We had very sweet talks. Manny is the man.

  • Held two tiny baby boys (twins), had my first mimosa (a remarkable event), and went shopping with my new friend, who also happens to be Manny's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child. It's a long, but good, story.


    ads510 said...

    is it called the michael landon because it's so good that you feel like you're on the highway to heaven???

    gigi said...

    i never thought of that, but that's a perfect reason to name it as such.

    indygirl said...

    I had a recurring dream around age 19 where Michael Landon would guest star. The dream would be going on then at some point everyone would stop and Michael Landon's arrival would be announced then he would take part in my dream. Seriously, like 6 or 7 times this happened.

    SFChick74 said...

    Mimsoas are can hide the alcohol in orange juice and not look like you have a drinking problem. Not to mention that they are tasty.