Sunday, April 02, 2006

I Stumbled Across This in the Grocery Store

And it made me laugh so hard. I took a picture.

Yes, that's right. It's a steak. In the soymilk cooler. In the organic/vegan food section at Kroger.

This has to be a joke, right? Someone would have to be pretty clueless to not realize the irony of abandoning a steak in this particular location.


Parenthetical Thinker said...

Irony died in 2005 when the President of the United States admitted he committed a felony while covertly spying on unsuspecting American citizens and the US Congress collectively shat their pants in response.

popfizz said...

my bad.

indygirl said...

Oh HELL NO! Ha! It's disgusting and wrong, but even my militant-vegetarianism ass would laugh.

Lori said...

I plan on hitting every grocery store- MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

SFChick74 said... first thought was, "That's not kosher, is it?"

The vegan irony came to me slowly.

aughra said...

That's fucking hilarious. I would have taken a picture too.

Butchieboy said...

That's kinky.