Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Holidays

Ta da! It's Rad Friday! Or, as the believers call it, Good Friday. Maybe you're working today, maybe you're lucky and have an employer who, for whatever reason, thinks that a holiday based on religious beliefs is grounds for determining whether or not a business should be open. EITHER WAY - Happy Rad Friday. I will be celebrating with my dearest darling IndyGirl, a celebration that will consist mainly of vegetarian meals, alcohol, tiny black shirts, and lots of eye makeup. Holla at the death of Jesus, yo!

Happy Rad Friday, everyone!


ads510 said...

i'll pour some out for my homey jesus and listen to "gangsta lean" all day in honor of rad friday and jesus's death.

gigi said...

damn straight.

indygirl said...

Mad props to those still hangin' on the cross. Peep dat. Ariel Sharon, mofos.

Just looking at a crucifix makes me wanna dance!