Friday, March 24, 2006

Your Very Own Fluffy Black Death!


Who knew that mono, salmonella, and the common cold were so damn adorable? These sweet lil creatures are Giant Microbes, plush, stuffed versions of the microbes that cause some common and not-so-common ailments. There's a wide array of microbes available, including Flesh Eating Virus, Yeast Infection, Syphillis, Pimple, Ear Ache, and Mad Cow. I want one!

Well, I went to the ENT yesterday for my throat phenomenon and swallowing disability... turns out that yes, I am crazy. Well, you know. It's mostly in my head. The doctor put a scope up my nose and down my throat and saw that, aside from a little cold-related swelling, I'm fine and there aren't any tumors or pretzels or missing socks blocking my esophagus. So that really helped me to narrow it down to just plain old anxiety. Like I mentioned, I've not been under much more stress than usual, but that is most likely the cause. So know that there isn't anything immediately physically wrong with me should help me get over the whole thing alltogether. We'll see how it goes.

Manny and I are going to see V for Vendetta tonight, a movie we've been waiting very patiently to see and are both very excited about. Movie time!

Also, if you're a Cure fan, go look at Natalie Dee's comic of the day. Ha!


indygirl said...

Natalie Dee knocked me out of my chair this morning.

I'd like to cuddle with Clamydia!

gusgreeper said...

sweet im giving those out as favours.

aughra said...

Bob has been getting a bit zaftig these past few years.

I know how he feels. Friday I'm in love with pizza.

I've wanted those stuffed animals for a while, with Blasty I know have a reason to get them.