Thursday, March 02, 2006

Trash Wednesday

A Quick Rant:
I went to Target last night. As I rounded the bend to the girl's clothing section, I notice a group of girls, maybe 16-18 years old. They're cute, all blonde and tan and made up like whores wearing tiny t-shirts and those gaucho pants. But then I notice they've got some crap on their faces. On their foreheads. Ash. On their foreheads. Then it hits me, this is Wednesday and it's most likely Ash Wednesday.

Then I hear them talk. "Ugh, god, I feel so fuckin' fat..." "Well maybe if you didn't eat so fuckin' much..." "You're such a bitch..." Blah blah blah.

Right, they were real Christians... total hypocrites wearing God like a fashion statement.

Fortunately for me, Atheism is a look that's always in-season.


indygirl said...

Catholics are excused from any and all Christian behaviours.

gigi said...

oh yeah. i forget that ash wednesday is a catholic thing.

how many weeks until Rad Friday?

ads510 said...

i like to wear my atheism with some kickass knee high boots, but that's just me.

fatrobot said...

like most catholics under the age of 18 they are forced to go to church

aughra said...

atheism rules!

SFChick74 said...

Jesus never said "Thou shan't say fuck."