Friday, March 31, 2006

Toy of the Week

I hereby deem Friday as "Toy of the Week" day.
This week's toy?

The Baby Jesus Doll

That's right, kids. For just $25, a beautiful bundle of heavenly saviour can be all yours! You can even choose what race your Jesus is - Caucasian, Latin, "Dark Hispanic," or African-American!

Baby J even comes with a card that reads:

"I don't talk, I just listen... I don't cry, but please hold me... I don't walk, so please carry me... I love you, please love me... My name is Jesus".

I mean, honestly? How could you resist that sweet lil face? Oh, and he even has "a 'Star' painted in the pupil of the eyes & a non-toxic 'Halo' that GLOWS IN THE DARK."


indygirl said...

I just want to love Him!

ads510 said...

a non-toxic halo? do people often try to eat jesus's halo?

indygirl said...

I would eat it.

gigi said...

If it were made of cotton candy, I'd eat it.

My favorite part of the Baby Jesus card? "I don't walk, so please carry me."

What the fuck. You know that "footprints in the sand" shit where there are two sets of footprints up until a certain point and the dude says to Jesus "yo, where'd the other set go, is that when you left me?" and Jesus said, "That was when I carried you."

So why do WE have to carry Big J now, huh?

indygirl said...

Yeah, I thought that was his job!

fatrobot said...

girls from indiana hate the jesus

SFChick74 said...

Maybe I'll get one of those for the office. Just leave it in the break room like an Easter egg.

aughra said...

I would totally chew on that halo.

I want one. In Dark Hispanic.

Spinning Girl said...

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

Who's his baby daddy?