Monday, March 27, 2006

In Your Face

  • I swear I saw Tim Meadows (from SNL) on a bicycle this morning.
  • I haven't had any coffee this morning.
  • I sang along to Bryan Adams on the Spirit soundtrack this morning (I had kids in the car).
  • I watched James Lipton interview Angelina Jolie on Inside the Actor's Studio yesterday and it just made me like her even more. She seems like a genuinely good, albeit slightly jaded, person.
  • I took my fifteen-year-old brother out for a driving lesson yesterday. We almost hit a jogger.
  • I alternated between watching The Shawshank Redemption and Apollo 13 Saturday evening.
  • Manny and I drank some whiskey and watched Dig! on Friday evening.
  • I love the Dandy Warhols.

    indygirl said...

    I want James Lipton to talk dirty to me.

    ads510 said...

    so did you not go see V for Vendetta? i'm waiting to read a real person's review before we go see it.

    i hit a concrete pole in my parking garage this morning...not nearly as cool as almost hitting a jogger, but i just thought i'd share.

    indygirl said...

    ads: V started off seeming like it was going to be a cheese-fest but it turned out to be pretty good. There were a few things that didn't need to be there and we noticed a possible inconsistancy or two, but still a good and suspenseful story.

    Gigi did you see it yet? Would you agree?

    gigi said...

    no, we didn't see it... we were just too lazy :)

    fatrobot said...

    nevermind all that jibber jabber

    Nölff said...

    You have a sweet bike. I bet it will do some sweet jumps.

    torporific said...

    Dig is a great movie. I'd like to hear some of the Brian Jonestown Massacre's music. What a waste of talent.