Monday, March 06, 2006

I'll Spare You Another Oscar-Related Post

'Cos I'm sure everyone and their mother will be blogging about that today. I'll just say one thing: someone needs to put a muzzle on that troll-faced Reese Witherspoon. Her acceptance speech for Best Actress was way too long and it almost made me throw up. I don't like her.

I am a major fan of Natalie Dee and her fun art, and now she and her equally awesome husband Drew have created a new, hilarious site called Married to the Sea. Go look. I'd also post you a sample, but Blogger's image uploader is a broken piece of trash, so I can't.

I also can't post the picture of my nose-mutilation that I was going to show you. Oh well, I'll try again later.

1 comment:

indygirl said...

Ha! Married To The Sea is great!

I vomit all over that Oscar shit.