Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Am Not A Merry (Wo)Man

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I Love Worf.

So today, I have an appointment with an ear-nose-throat specialist. For the past 2+ weeks, I've had this horrible swallowing problem (spare me the BJ jokes - I've not had any problems with that). It's really hard to eat good, solid food - I have to take very tiny bites, and even then it feels like I'm going to choke on my food. When I'm not on the verge of choking, I am aware of every bit of food passing down my throat. When I'm not eating, my throat feels like it's either closing up or like it has a giant lump in it. This is very uncomfortable, and while I've lost nearly 10 pounds as a result of not being able to eat real food, I am fucking hungry and would like a cheeseburger, thank you.


indygirl said...

This has happened to you before, no?

What about milkshakes?

Timmy said...

gigi, sweety...i hope everything goes well, that sounds scary and wonderful all at the same time. let me know what it is and if i can catch it, i need to lose the weight!

gigi said...

Here's what I can safely eat: milkshakes. tomato soup. ice cream. mashed potatoes. yoghurt. cake frosting.

I really think it's probably 90% psychological, because I took a small dose of xanax and was able to eat. Not like "normal," though. But it was easier. I'm not under any more stress than usual, so chalking it up to anxiety, as plausible as it seems, doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

And yes, Indy, I've had this problem overall going on for nearly two years. It would come and go, and would mostly be with things like bread and stringy cheese. However it's become really severe over the past couple of weeks and I don't know why. I could actually feel a lump on the side of my throat (yes, by sticking my fingers down my throat) which I think may be my tonsils. So I want to get myself physically checked out before I get mentally checked out.

indygirl said...

My mom actually has a swallowing problem. [dude I just opened up the mother of all jokes I think] She takes some kind of pill, like a very specialized muscle relaxer, and everything is ok. Which would make sense that the Xanax worked. I think it's more common than one would believe and I'll bet its not psychological. I just hope it's not your tonsils!!! If so, hey, it's free Jello.

gigi said...

I think something physical, like my tonsils, may have triggered it and my mind is just making it worse. Maybe my throat is too tight and needs to be stretched or relaxed (more jokes!). Maybe I need my tonsils out. Maybe it's postnasal drip (mucus is a big problem). But whatever it is, here's the kicker - I don't have a sore throat, not the typical sore throat. I don't have problems speaking. I just have a very tight throat with a lump and I can't eat food.

popfizz said...

i am enjoying your jokes.

i only have filth on my mind, as always.

btw.. I think this could be the next diet fad. call it Gigi's 'Swift-Kick-To-The-Throat- So-You-Cant-Eat-And-Will- Lose-Tons-Of-Weight' diet.

i like it.

gigi said...

actually, popfizz, that's exactly what it feels like, like i've been hit or kicked in the throat.

ads510 said...

my mom had a similar problem about four years ago. she constantly felt like something was stuck in her throat, so she could barely eat or anything. she went to the ENT and they ran a scope down there and there was nothing, so it was completely psychosomatic, but once she knew there was nothing down there, she got better.

But, she then continued to smoke cigarettes and got a lump on her tonsil (thankfully benign) and they had to remove her tonsils last year and it was HORRIBLE. apparently its about a gazillion times harder for adults. i mean, she honestly thought she was going to die, that's how bad it hurt (and this is a woman who has gone through childbirth and a complete hysterectomy). So I will keep my fingers crossed that you don't need your tonsils out.

What it it with moms and swallowing problems??? (more jokes)

gusgreeper said...

hope that works out. i've never heard of that.
going to one of those was how i found out i had a deviated septum cause when the camera went up the right nostril i just WENT UP but she put the camera in the left one and it stopped dead. it felt AWESOME!