Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Decaffeinated, Part Deux

Day 2 of No Coffee: I am feeling okay, really. I'm keeping myself very hydrated. I see people walking around with nice, steaming mugs of delicious coffee and it looks so inviting... but no! I must think of my health, of the greater good... Water is much better for me! It will make my skin look better and my organs function more smoothly and it will keep mucus from clogging up my throat and it will treat me much better than that devil coffee ever did... with its deep, dark aroma and inviting richness... oh god... this is not easy!

In other news, I made a wishlist on Amazon.com. If you're feeling generous, there are some great things (mostly books) on my list that you could indulge me with. You know, 'cos that would be nice. Yeah.


indygirl said...

Oh snap! I'll burn the Dead Kennedys album on there if you want it.

gusgreeper said...

coffee is the devil i try to at least drink more water than coffee BUT i still drink WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too much coffee.