Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back From My Break

Whew. It's been a long weekend. I took Friday and Monday off, and then of course I had Saturday and Sunday off, too. And like I said, it was a loooong weekend.

Friday night (St. Patty's!), Manny and I went out to support our favorite Irish pub. Saturday we didn't do much - just hung around. I spent the afternoon watching home improvement shows on TLC, which inspired me to do some fabulous things to our living room later in the evening. I'd show you pictures, but Blogger isn't functioning entirely today.

So today, I'm not at work - but not intentionally. Today is the first official day of spring - so what is it doing outside? It's fucking snowing. Like a good 6-8 inches. School is cancelled and the roads are crazy, so I'm staying home with the girls. We've got cupcakes and manicures on our agenda.


ads510 said...

we didn't get the crazy snow, but we got a snow/hail/sleet/freezing rain mix. it was a lovely weather cocktail, shaken and stirred.

cupcakes and manicures!! sounds like my kind of day...too bad we never get snow days.

indygirl said...

Ah, snow days. Unfortunately it is clearing up here and I think I have to go to work now. :( NOOOOO!