Monday, February 20, 2006

What I Did Yesterday

After 5 hours of sleep (I stayed up late watching The Constant Gardener), C-Rex woke me up because she was "bored." I reluctantly dragged my ass out of our newly-outfitted and very comfortable bed (new sheets! new pillows! new lovely comforter!) and made myself presentable. Then we went out for breakfast. Because my coffee-drinking-cessation did not work, I am still a zombie before my caffeine in the morning.

We went to the Village Deli downtown and surprisingly got in right away. C-Rex was all agog with excitement over the checkerboard floors and bright orange walls. Breakfast was very nice - chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate milk (her) and biscuits & gravy and coffee (me). Then we went to Target and got her this bead jewelry kit that I think Manny hates me for buying.

On the way home, she was kind of quiet, and then out of the blue, she said, "You know what I was just thinking about?"
"What?" I replied.
"I was thinking 'bout all my toys and movies and my princess dolls were all standing around me and then I started crying and then they all looked at me 'cause I had a tail."
"Yeah, that's what I was thinking just now."

So in case you ever wonder what kids are thinking about when they're all quiet, just know that it's probably really, really weird.


indygirl said...

I had that same thought the other day...

ads510 said...

if she actually HAS a tail, its really not all that strange.

i miss bloomington...i want village deli!

The Cold War said...

She gets the tail from her mom's side of the family.

Tim said...

I always wanted a tail to match my horns. lucky kid!