Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend Recap

Ah, weekend. What would we do without you? How bleak life would be!

Here's what I did this weekend:
  • Went to Hobby Lobby. Bought canvas and paintbrushes and paints for me and Manny.
  • Went to Borders. Bought three very interesting new books: The End of Faith, by Sam Harris; Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides; and Assassination Vacation, by Sarah Vowell.
  • C-Rex (Manny's daughter) and I went to the movies. In case you're curious as to whether or not the new Pink Panther movie is any good? Let me just save you the time and money and tell you NO. It isn't. Kevin Kline's accent was annoying and Beyonce Knowles can't sing or act. At all. The only thing good about this movie was the three minutes that Jason Statham was on the screen.
  • Watched the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. It was excellent - better than the original.
  • Bought new car seats for the girls.
  • Lost my debit card.
  • Devised a strategy to help Manny stop smoking. (Anyone have any tips?)
  • Met with the friend who is designing/creating my wedding dress - totally stoked about it!
  • Witnessed a ridiculous scene at Express. Two ridiculous, crazy, high-strung parents running about the store screaming at eachother and all the employees trying to find clothes for their 13-year-old daughter. The daughter seemed fine - tired and embarrassed by their behavior, though. I don't know what was up with that.
  • My dad told me about Dick Cheney shooting his hunting buddy. "Too bad he didn't shoot himself," I replied.


    Morris said...

    I wonder if C. had killed he guy if Bush would have framed a black guy for it.

    Mr. Morris
    Ask Morris

    ads510 said...

    my mom has officially gone 13 days without a cigarette...she has been on the patch, but is trying to get off of that as well because she said it makes her bitchy. I think the lack of cigarette is what is making her bitchy, but whatever. If Manny isn't opposed to it, perhaps he could try hypnosis to stop smoking. I've heard it works wonders.

    popfizz said...

    that cheney story is fucking insane..

    dont piss off dick. he'll shoot ya.

    indygirl said...

    I swear by the patch. It really does help, plus if you smoke a cigarette when you have been regularly using it, even if you take it off first, you will likely throw your guts up. That sounds horrible but it really is motivation not to cheat. Good luck Manny!

    Nölff said...

    The Chocolate factory was filmed about 30 mi. away from where I live.

    I thought the pink panther was good.

    gigi said...

    no, nolff, you're just wrong. that was the worst movie ever. i couldn't even enjoy it out of spite. it was just painful.

    torporific said...

    Middlesex is a great book.

    Nölff said...

    It was good. You like it.

    Tim said...

    I agree with you on the Dick thing. Though, I want to see the Pink Panther, just for the accents. I think they are hilarious. Anyway, to each their own! Holla!

    SFChick74 said...

    I still can't fathom why they remade the Pink Panther. The originals are timeless classics. Why don't we just remake Gone with the Wind or Casablanca, too?