Thursday, February 02, 2006

Turn-of-the-Century Nostalgia

No, not like Victorian-era turn-of-the-century. I mean the "new millenium." That era.

So Manny and I were sitting around last night looking at some old photos and lamenting days gone by. Specifically the days from 1998-2000. We were younger and more naïve and things were just different. The world was different.

In late 1999, I was 16. I was a junior in high school. I drove a '95 Ford Escort, worked as a hostess at Tumbleweed restaurant, and had a boyfriend named Travis. I wore, on any given day, either white Adidas shelltoe sneakers or big, black, platform oxfords. I listened to Incubus (back when they were good, dammit), Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Korn, Silverchair, Blink 182, and Sarah McLachlan. I shopped mostly at Goodwill, but I owned a mean pair of dark grey vinyl pants - not like shiny vinyl, but matte vinyl. These things were the shit. "Emo" wasn't a real word, the Internet hadn't yet drastically reshaped the world, and nine-eleven was what you called in an emergency.

I wore Revlon's Streetwear makeup - lots of shiny, sparkly, silvery colors that you just can't find anymore. I lied to my parents quite a bit - mostly about my grades and where I was really staying when I "spent the night at Heather's." I still kind of believed in God and didn't think too much about politics. I went to a Sloppy Seconds show on Thanksgiving. I had a navel piercing and could still write some decent, angsty poetry. I taught myself HTML so I could make my own website. On New Year's Eve, I listened to Prince's "1999" and drank Hornsby's cider with my friends, not worrying that the President was a corrupt and evil man (how I miss Clinton!), not annoyed that the Christian moralist mentality was attempting to become the norm, not doing math in my head to make sure I could pay the bills, not waiting for my daughter to come tell me that there is a monster in her room and that she wants to read Small Pig.

I miss 1999. I miss the world that was 1999. I miss how I felt in 1999. And I really miss Streetwear's "Nothing" lipstick.


indygirl said...

Ah, 99. Year of the shelltoe and 21-holer!

Timmy said...

i miss my doc martens and half hair! ROCK on STEM!

SFChick74 said...

I believe 1999 was the last year I actually dated someone for longer than two days. Those were the days!

The Queen said...

Being grown up sucks!!

popfizz said...

thankfully i Tivo'd all of 1999 so i can relive it anytime i like.

go me.

the end.

Rainbow Pixie said...

1999...I graduated from being called a lesbian. I fuckin hated high school!